Selecting the best outfit for your headshot session - Men Edition

I know that it can be really difficult to figure out what you should wear to your headshot shoot. There really aren’t any rules, which leads to an overwhelming amount of options. It’s a good thing that you can bring a bunch of outfits with you to the shoot!



I always like neutral colors; but remember that the backdrop in studio will be either grey or white, so you should make sure that the color you choose contrasts that. I’m also a huge fan of blues, greens, browns, reds, and purples. Occasionally I like yellows and pinks, but they don’t always work. These are really subjective though, and what looks good on one person may look terrible on somebody else. You probably know what colors look good on you, and if you don’t know then you should go and take a look through your wardrobe and see what colors you wear most often. If you still aren’t sure go and ask your friends and family and they will tell you. Just make sure that it’s not a distracting color (no neons!). We still want your eyes to be the most noticeable thing in the shot. Be sure to bring a variety of colors with you though, that way your headshot photographer can help you choose which ones will help to flatter you the most.



The closest thing I have to a rule is to wear a solid color shirt, but I break this rule with clients on occasion. That being said, don’t wear anything incredibly busy (and definitely no logos). You know that one shirt you have with pineapples on it? Yeah, leave that one at home. Very small patterns (small dots or stripes) can be ok, as long as they are very small and not distracting, but I would recommend not bringing more than one shirt with a pattern and to generally stick with solid colors. One pattern that I think can look really good on certain people is plaid. This can be really cool and I don’t find it distracting at all.



Make sure to choose something that is appropriate for your type of work. If in doubt go more conservative. Don’t be afraid to add layers! You can wear a shirt and add a tailored jacket over it to give yourself a more professional look.  Make sure that that shirt fits correctly though. The collar should always fit snugly to the back of your neck. Make sure that you are wearing clothes that fit you well, and don’t wear undershirts. Baggy tops will make you look larger than you may actually be. Photoshop can fix pimples, wrinkles, and shine, but oversized or undersized clothing can ruin a great headshot. Just like with colors, be sure to bring a variety of styles with you. It’s better to have too many options than too few.

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Style pt.2 – Actors

If you’re an actor coming in for a headshot you have a few more options. I would suggest bringing one collared shirt, one t-shirt, and a few other options of your choosing. For the t-shirt I would recommend bringing one crew neck and one v-neck if you’re not sure which looks better on you. If you already know, just bring that type. If you’re really muscular, you should consider wearing tighter clothes to show that off.  Please be sure to iron all of your clothes, including your t-shirts, and check for lint.



I recommend not wearing any sort of accessories. They won’t add anything to the shot, in fact all they’ll do is distract from your face. If you really are dead set on wearing something then by all means bring it and we’ll take some shots with it. But don’t be surprised if I ask to take some shots without it as well.


If you have facial hair please trim it up and make it look neat. We aren’t going for the unkempt look. If you never have facial hair make sure that you give yourself a good shave before coming in. If you sometimes have facial hair then come in with how you would wear it, but also bring a razor and we’ll grab some clean shots later in the session.



  • Oversized and undersized clothing (Be sure to try on your clothes before the shoot)
  • See-through clothing
  • Wrinkled clothing
  • Busy patterns
  • Crazy colors
  • Outfits that may go out of style in the next few years (stick with the classics!)
  • Accessories


Now I know this is a lot of information, but there really aren’t any absolutes in headshots. So please bring anything that you feel looks good on you. If you still aren’t really sure what to wear for your headshot session please feel free to email or call me and I’ll do my best to clear up any questions you have. It’s my goal to make sure that you’re completely comfortable from start to finish, and I’ll do anything to make that happen.


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